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Concours d’idées pour une résidence secondaire

… | 2010

View-Box is conceived as a vertical house to reduce its footprint and maximize views on the surrounding landscape.

The project is made of three stacked volumes: basement, cube and attic. The cube is lifted up on stilts to create a fourth part, a “free” exterior room.

Sunken in the natural slope of the terrain, the basement contains a guest bedroom and the artist studio. The in-between level obtained by lifting up the cube acts as an exterior living room as well as the main entrance.

This exterior space provides magnificent views on the lake. The stilts are built as giant picture frames, accentuating certain views.

The cube contains two levels. On the first level are the main spaces such as the living room, the kitchen and dining room. The corners of this volume are extruded to create “living” windows, that project the interior space into the landscape. The mezzanine level is occupied by the library.

These window boxes create a deep connection to the surrounding landscape. Despite the house’s minimal footprint, a double-height space in the living room creates a sense of airiness and allows light to come in at various angles.

Windows carved out of the book shelves in the library  spatially connect the mezzanine and the main level. A mysterious floating staircase leads to the attic .

The attic level is in fact the master’s bedroom. It has one large opening at it’s corner, wich is also a terrace carved out of the main volume. Two skylights brings extra natural light.

The different volumes that compose this house are all elements of “traditional” houses but reinterpreted in a new way to create new qualities.

This stacking of elements creates a whole which is completely linked with it’s environment. It has qualities of what is considered to be a “normal” house but at the same time looks completely different. It is quite compact but offers multiple spatial and environmental experiences.

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